ask me stuff

Want me to see something? tag dutchster in a post or submit me the link!

Check out my blog? send me a message to check out your blog and i will do so!

Reblog my selfie/post? sorry, i only do this for mutuals. submit me the link if so! but you can always tag me in a post and i will check it out and will reblog it if i like it! :)

Kik/Snapchat? feel free to ask me for my kik/snapchat if we are mutuals!

Are you actually dutch? yes, are you?

What is your porn blog? ask me off anon and i will give you the url! there are some people on here who don’t need to know it but anyone else doesn’t need to be shy, it’s fine! :)

Don’t speak dutch on ANON i will NOT answer it. of course you can message me in dutch off anon! or in english, whatever rocks your boat :)